In a moment of classic De Niro, the actor tells recent graduates "You're F**ked" in his commencement speech.

You're prepared for the world, but are you prepared for this speech? (via Twitter)

Robert De Niro was brought to the podium at NYU Tisch's graduation ceremony on Friday, and the first thing he did was dig through his purple gown to find a tissue to blow his nose. That's how chill of a dude he is. One of the first things he said was, "Tisch graduates, you made it," followed by, “and you're f**ked." The hard dose of reality was met with uproarious laughter by the audience.

De Niro gave a heartfelt speech to the recent graduates about passion as an artist, and the importance of maintaining friendships and professional relationships. In regards to the difficulty of pursuing one's dreams, he added, "Yeah you're fucked. The good news is: that's not a bad place to start."

The best bit of wisdom was when De Niro said they were all setting themselves up for lifetime of rejection. This blunt advice should be shared with all graduates. In fact, it's pretty good advice for everyone.

It's nice that Tisch always gets a famous person give their graduation speech so the fresh-faced grads can think about while they're waiting tables.


You can watch the whole speech directly on the Tisch website, it starts at minute 13.

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