The Daintree Paper shop in Dublin is taking hateful flyers, shredding them, and selling the confetti to raise money to support marriage equality.

This May, Irish citizens vote on a same-sex marriage referendum. Hopefully this will result in lots of wonderful same-sex Irish couples finally being able to tie the knot.* Leading up to the vote, however, some jerk-butt anti-gay groups have been using fear tactics to spread particularly nasty lies — including the ridiculous claim that you're more likely to get cancer if you're in a same-sex relationship.

As you can see in the video above, though, the Daintree Paper shop in Dublin is turning this claptrap into a positive — they're taking anti-gay propaganda and making it into confetti, which they're selling to raise money for the pro-same-sex-marriage group Yes Equality. Is there anything more satisfying than taking a weapon of hate and using it against the haters?

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