24 hilarious women whose tweets will make your morning better.

24 hilarious women whose tweets will make your morning better.

1. Mitra Jouhari, TV writer, host and comedian.

2. Elizabeth Hackett, screenwriter and redhead.

3. Rae Sanni, writer for Comedy Central's The President Show.

4. Aparna Nancherla, NYC stand up comedian.

5. Marcia Belsky, NYC stand up comedian and podcast host.

6. Ziwe Fumudoh, writer for BET's The Rundown.

7. Akilah Hughes, comedian and writer.

8. Karen Kilgariff, host of the 'My Favorite Murder' podcast.


9. Abbi Crutchfield, host of You Can Do Better on TruTV.

10. Actor/alto Natalie Walker.

11. Megan Amram, writer for NBC's The Good Place.

12. Maggie Widdoes, NYC improviser.


13. Orli Matlow, comedian and SomeEcards staff writer.

14. Kashana Cauley, writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

15. Kyrell Grant, screenwriter and freelance writer.

16. Chelsea Davison, writer for The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.​​​​​​


17. Alex Song, NYC comedy writer/performer.

18. Izzy Humair, student and meme aficionado.

19. Patti Harrison, Brooklyn-based comedian, actor and writer.

20. Jessie Dean, writer at SomeEcards.


21. Alyssa Limperis, writer/actor/producer for The Scene.

22. Ashley Nicole Black, writer/Correspondent for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

23. May Wilkerson, comedian and editor at SomeEcards.

24. Ana Bretón, digital producer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee


Yes, Twitter is an endless void that we like to scream into, but thanks to these ladies, screaming into an endless void has never been so funny.

BRB, gotta go cry into a pillow now.