Though Valentine's Day is usually depicted as the most romantic day of the year, but most of us know what really goes down on February 14th—you drink too much wine, eat too much chocolate, and wake up bloated and unhappy as you waddle to the drug store to buy more half-priced chocolate. If you are having regrets about Valentine's Day this year, know you are not alone. Twitter used the hashtag #MyValentinesRemorse to describe their hilarious suffering that is just all too relatable.

1. When you find out she isn't actually a "cheap date."


2. It's more competitive than Black Friday.

3. This counts as "self love," right?

4. She is going to propose that you break up.

5. She will always be your Valentine.


6. Like an actual hangover, but with more calories.

7. In your dreams.

8. Better safe than sleeping on the couch.

9. It's not the thought that counts.


10. Critical error.

11. Enough to buy a dinner for one.

12. Looking on the bright side (even if it hurts your head).

13. Worth it.


14. RIP your marriage.