At least, that's what one paper had to say about the Oakland A's new ambidextrous pitcher, Pat Venditte.

Great news, guys: The Oakland A's have a real-life salamander-man (sala-MAN?) stepping up to the plate this week. Well, that's what one newspaper said thanks to a typo, anyway. Unfortunately, it's actually just a guy who pitches with both arms and not some sort of unholy, The Fly-esque combination of man and frog. Being ambidextrous is still cool, but it'll take an amphibian to get this girl in the stands!

A side note, if you weren't aware: typos like these used to frequently be called "boners," from the definition "a foolish and obvious blunder; stupid mistake." This means that in the years before our current use of boner, dozens of joke books were published with "boner" sections, and some books were simply entitled Boners or variations on that, such as Bigger & Better Boners, Prize Boners for 1932, and, appropriate for this instance, Boners in the News.

Sources: SB Nation