A racist letter was sent anonymously to a family in Lindenhurst, Long Island, probably by an old racist who will die soon.

Looks like somebody taught gramps how to use Microsoft Word.
(via Patch)

If you are fuming over the letter pictured above, you are not alone. If it wasn't printed from a computer, you might even think this was a hateful relic from the past. Alas, this letter is from present day. Ronica Copes posted the letter on her Facebook page on Thursday and it's gotten a ton of media attention.

The mere fact that this bigoted string of (ALL CAPS) thoughts takes the form of a written letter and not a flurry of tweets means it's most likely from somebody's racist grandfather. If the author of the letter wants a 100% white community, I advise they stay inside their house at all times, alone, to ensure they are the only white person around.

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