Uh oh, California's got crabs.

Uh oh, California's got crabs.

Red tuna crabs are washing up in the thousands on San Diego's coastline.

Can you even imagine the smell? (via CNN)

The sands between Ocean Beach and La Jolla, CA, are covered in writhing red bodies. Crab bodies, that is, not horribly sunburned people. Those bodies have been there pretty consistently, but the crabs are back for the first time since 2002, when El Niño swept them to shore.


Weird how they already look cooked. (via CNN)

It's weird for these crabs to be on this shore, because the red tuna crab–or pleuroncodes planipes–is usually found much further south. Scientists are speculating that they've been brought to the San Diego area by warm water intrusions. That's when warm water is like, "Here's all my garbage!"


"You come here often?" (via CNN)

Authorities are warning people not to eat these sun-ripened ocean bugs, as they feed on phytoplankton, which sometimes contains toxins. But they look so delicious!


Wanna fight this guy for one? (via The San Diego Union-Tribune)