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I almost threw up after watching this so many times. (via Lauren Lavoie)

Here at Someecards, it isn't all fun and games. Sure, every cubicle has soft serve, and the "conference room" is an authentic Irish pub, but sometimes we have to pull ourselves out of the ball pit in the lounge and do some work.

Today, our mission is to explain the mysterious rise of the McFlurry Vine.

With over 41 million loops, this Vine of two sisters in a car with a McFlurry is going viral. One sister, Lauren Lavoie, is driving. The other, Joanne Lavoie, is eating. Lauren puts on the "breaks" and her sister nearly chokes. "Lauren! I almost threw up," she yells. Only her mouth is full of McFlurry so it comes out sounding more like "Auwen! I allew-ooh-uh!"