No one goes to Hooters for wings but they do occasionally ask for an organ transplant.

Here's a touching story about a restaurant where customers regularly think about trying to touch the waitresses.

Don Thomas lost both of his kidneys (and soon might lose his life) to cancer. While eating at the Hooters in Roswell, Georgia where Don is a regular, he struck up a conversation with his waitress, Mariana Villarreal.

I guess sometime between ordering his Hooterstizer of fried pickles and watching a baseball game on one of seventeen screens, Don mentioned he had lost his kidneys. Mariana immediately said: "Well I have two. Do you want one of mine?"

The transplant surgery is today, and hopefully it goes off without a hitch. My guess is Don will leave a pretty nice tip for Mariana the next time he eats at the restaurant.

Sources: 11 Alive News