A poorly designed bathroom led to some serious embarrassment for Gordie Wallace.

Gordie Wallace, making a face that says "I was covered in pee."
(via Facebook)

As a man, my greatest fear when I enter any bathroom is that I'm somehow going to walk out covered in my own urine. It hasn't been an issue since I was a small child, but only because I'm vigilant. The idea of it happening beyond my control is simply terrifying.

However, that's exactly what happened to Gordie Wallace of Aberdeen, Scotland. Wallace was eating with his girlfriend at a Handmade Burger Company location in Aberdeen's Union Square when he felt the need to, as the Scottish say, "drain Loch Ness." Unfortunately, there was a hand dryer next to the toilet for some inexplicable reason. It activated unexpectedly, blowing his own stream back onto him. His pants and left shoe were instantly soaked in his own urine. Then he had to walk out of the bathroom smelling like an old dog who doesn't have the strength to lift his leg anymore. Nor did he get any understanding back at the table. He told STV:

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