Money can't buy happiness, but you will need a lot of it to visit "The Happiest Place on Earth."

"Uhh, Mom, who is this?"(via Getty)

Do you have fond memories of visiting Disney World as a kid? Are you finding it harder to afford to go now that you're a repressed 30-something with a little bit of expendable income? Would you believe that when Disney World first opened in 1971, the price of admission was $3.50, roughly the cost of 3 gallons of milk at the time? Every year since, the cost of admission has gone uppity-up-up.

The Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell outlined how Disney went from a middle-class household name to a behemoth luxury brand. To better illustrate how expensive Disney World tickets have become, the graph below plots the actual rising cost of admission since opening day against what that ticket would cost in last-year-dollars.

Sources: The Washington Post