Evidently, her trouble waking up is not due to staying up late to work on her drawing skills.

By his own admission, redditor Dntbadeuche was being a little bit of a douche when it came to waking up his daughter. In his words, he woke her by "banging a frying pan with a wooden spoon, I'd scream "WAAAAAKE YOUR BUTT UP", carefully aim a water gun at one of her nostrils and shoot, run in her room and yell "GET UP! HURRY WE HAVE TO GO!, HURRY!" she'd wake up confused and run outside in her pj's, it goes on and on." Honestly, with that kind of track record, the note above threatening her father's death by decapitation was probably the least this man's daughter was entitled to put on her door. I hope this dad gets his act together and learns that the nicest way to wake someone up is at 11 a.m. or later.

Sources: redditor Dntbadeuche