More like boobs in the studio! The dumb guys, not the actual... you know what I meant.

Yeah, so, don't do that. This is such a cool story. Maj. Mariam al-Mansouri is the United Arab Emirates' first female fighter pilot, and she led the Arab country's assault against a radical Islamic terrorist group. American women have been piloting combat missions since the first Gulf War, but for this to be happening over there creates a strong narrative about the modern state (for the purposes of this media angle) fighting medieval wannabes seeking to make Iran look like San Francisco if San Francisco also had Mardi Gras. AND YOU SO ALMOST GOT THERE, UNTIL THE DUDES TALKED. First there's a driving joke, because Greg Gutfeld is apparently a 1960s Catskills comedian, and then boobs on the ground from what's-his-name because I guess he wasn't getting enough attention.

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