8 other campus communities to encourage college students to join that aren't fraternities or sororities.

8 other campus communities to encourage college students to join that aren't fraternities or sororities.

Tell kids this: please, please, please, do something else with your college experience.


There are parties with better themes than "racism" out there. (via Onward State)

So many people who rush fraternities and sororities say they do it for the community, but we need to take the life blood pulsing into these campus plantar's warts, and pump it into things decent human beings can do. Things that don't encourage you to completely conform to arbitrary standards of beauty, destroy public property, or engage in both casual and malevolent racism.

If you're a youngster heading out to the wilds of university, or someone older with a kid under your wing, here are some options for making new friends and enjoying campus life. Let them serve as inspiration to incoming freshmeat—uhh, freshmen. There are friends to be made and life to be lived in all sorts of places.

1. Join an improv team.


You, too, could spend holidays explaining the difference between stand-up and improv to your grandparents. (via College Improv Tournament)

Improv is, and has been, the rage from coast to coast for awhile now. A lot of successful comedians spring up from improv training centers in cities across America, but more importantly a lot of quiet nerds come out of their shells after playing Zip Zap Zop and Hot Spot together. Even if you're planning on a serious career of actually making money, a college improv troupe will open you up to friends, laughs, and potentially some cute Facebook cover photos.


2. Learn a new language.


Don't let it turn you into a mime, though. (via Getty)

Obviously, you can take a class to learn a new language. There's probably even some requirement that insists you do! But what we don't think about when we're ignoring our French homework is the sexy semester abroad we'll be spending along the Seine. Or the meet-ups hosted on and off campus for Francophiles. A great way to cover up the awkwardness of making conversation with a new acquaintance is doing it in a language you're both terrible at. Choose any language you like of course, bien sur.


3. Volunteer.


Painting can be really fun, ask Tom Sawyer. (via CBS 4)

Hey, want to meet a bunch of decent human beings who give a sh*t about the world? Try masquerading as one and volunteer!

4. Do a scavenger hunt.

One of the biggest scavenger hunts in the world is at University of Chicago, and it may be an annual event but the effort of planning and executing it can take all year. That means meetings, hang outs and a lot of email traffic to make you feel needed and important. Scavenger hunts are popular at schools all over America, and heck, if yours doesn't have one, start it up. You won't be the only one searching for something to do.


5. Run for student office


You'll be somewhere on the chain of command for Presidency, kind of. Maybe. Not really. (via Getty)

Student government in college is less of a popularity contest than it was in high school. You also can do more for your fellow students than a crappy bake sale. A student body president can have real influence on school policies and you're also more likely to shake hands with important commencement speakers.

6. Ultimate frisbee exists.


A frisbee is a gift that keeps on giving. (via Reddit)

Great thing about ultimate frisbee is that you don't have to be on an athletic scholarship to play. Yes, there are highly organized matches available, but show up to the quad with a frisbee and you'll be like nectar to bees. Bees are sweaty guys who aren't coordinated enough for hacky sack.


7. Become an RA...eventually.


NOW who's the freshmeat? (via Reddit)

The thing about college is, it goes by pretty fast. Soon, you'll be at the end of your time there and maybe even a mentor to the next generation of wide-eyed freshmen. Take advantage of that and pull your dorm together by abusing your power.

8. Remember there's a world outside of college.


Luckily, that hat goes with everything. (via Getty)

Sororities and fraternities can connect you with all the things listed above, but do you really want some bloated, costly, obsolete middleman mediating your whole college experience? We become the people we are by associating with the kind of people we want to be. If you can't find those people on campus, remember there's a whole world outside of those ivied walls and a whole life to live after those four years.


And if all this stuff is too wholesome for you and what you really want to do is get black-out drunk and grind on the dance floor, you don't need the Greek system. You still have the rest of your twenties to make those kinds of mistakes.