Weather photographer Scott McPartland wants you to watch the Snowpocalypse bury his neighborhood in Queens, live.

Whether you live in a non-blizzard-affected part of the country or your window has a much less attractive view, this is the way to experience this massive snowstorm.

The blizzard hitting the northern East Coast is supposed to be one of the biggest snowstorms New York City has ever seen. If you know anything about New Yorkers, you should know that we're pretty good at making national weather news specifically about us. This time, NYC is actually getting hit the hardest (we usually get off light due to the geography of New York's harbor), so we'll be hogging all the quality complaining space on social media for the next few days. Thanks to weather photographer Scott McPartland, however, you can now watch the blizzard douse Queens in real-time, and you, too, can complain like a real New Yorker!

Sources: Gothamist | Scott McPartland