Thankfully, it was the bride's idea. But still!

Believe it or not, everybody in this photo is cool with what's happening. (via imgur)

If you are in a great, long-term relationship, weddings can really put you in a mood for love. The beautiful clothes, the heart-warming ceremony, the dance-floor filled with white-wine drunks all create an atmosphere of celebration. You want to feel the excitement of matrimony for yourself and your partner.

But for Pete's sake, don't propose during the damn wedding!

Not that anyone should care, but you are currently on the Internet, and the Internet is where humans dump their hate. This photo popped up on imgur as with the caption "Any girl's wedding nightmare." Then nature took it's course and the hate flowed like the river of pink hate-slime in Ghostbusters II. However, you can rest easy, online white knights. This stunt was done at the bride's request.

Sources: NY Daily News