Imagine how dope "Ode on a Grecian Urn" might have been if Keats had smoked out of that urn.

A Scythian "bong" is now the only thing I will smoke out of. (screengrab via YouTube)

Archeologists in Russia have found traces of opium and marijuana on devices that appear to have been used for smoking by ancient Scythians. Finally, we have definitive proof that you should wash your drug paraphernalia before hiding it, otherwise scientists will find out embarrassing truths about your people.

Not nearly as efficient as an apple, but still does the trick. (screengrab via YouTube)

The Scythians were nomadic people living near the northern Black Sea sometime around the 8th Century BC. The Greeks apparently knew about their practices as Herodotus noted: Scythians used a plant to produce smoke "that no Grecian vapour-bath can surpass … transported by the vapor, [they] shout aloud." Then again, Herodotus also said specific gods were responsible for things like the destruction of Xerxes's bridges across the Hellespont. Clearly, someone back then was smoking something. Russian archeologists just found the proof.

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