Popular rap artist Snoop Dogg is also something of a marijuana enthusiast. At the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, he shared some of that enthusiasm—and marijuana—with domestic icon Martha Stewart.

Roastmaster general Jeff Ross appeared on Conan earlier this week, and told some stories about what really goes on during those roasts. "We'll go in the back and decompress a bit," Ross told O'Brien, referring to how Snoop and himself will blaze one during commercial breaks. "And me, him, and Martha Stewart got a little stoned."

It was at that very roast that Stewart delivered a killer stand-up routine, cracking that all Bieber really needed was a powerful woman to smoke weed with him. Evidently, she was that powerful woman all along, but Snoop snatched her up before the Biebs could. Tah-dow.

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