After 26 years as a regional sales manager for a packaged foods company, my father was laid off. He spent a year puttering around the house and relying on my mother's rapidly failing small business for income until he found his true calling: to be in the movies. He wasn't going to be discouraged just because he was a 52-year-old man who lived nowhere near Hollywood and had never so much as auditioned for a high school play.

Dad. (Via ArrestedDevelopmentWiki)

In actual Portland in the actual '90s, the dream of the '90s was not yet alive in Portland. Back then, it was a remote mini-Seattle, such that it was a pretty big deal Touchstone Pictures picked the city to film Mr. Holland's Opus. It starred Richard Dreyfuss as a failed composer who becomes a high school band teacher, and he is Very Inspirational. The local news media breathlessly and extensively covered the production of this otherwise forgettable movie. As my father was 52 and unemployed, he watched a lot of local news, which is where he heard that the movie needed hundreds of extras. Also, it paid $80 a day and included free lunch, which cinched it.

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