A Virginia farmer asks the Internet to buy him land in Sudan to make his daughter's dreams (or maybe his own) come true.

A man out standing in his kingdom. (via Indiegogo)

Jeremiah Heaton, a farmer and doting father in Virginia, is taking to the Internet to make his daughter's dream come true. Heaton's daughter Emily doesn't want to visit Disneyland or pretend to be Batman for a day. No, little Emily wants to be Princess Emily. Not some bullshit plastic tiara princess either, a real princess. Jeremiah is only too happy to make his daughter's dream become royal decree.

You see, Jeremiah Heaton is one of the few human beings that has children. Children are such a precious commodity, we cannot disappoint them and tell them they can't actually be royalty or else they will cry for 10 minutes. Of course, making your daughter a real princess has one perk: Now you're the king! Heaton's crusade for unclaimed lands to settle his new kingdom landed him and his family on the border of Egypt and Sudan in a region named Bir Tawil.

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