Robert Corwin returned home to find hookah-smoking strangers in his bed. Ewww, hookah!

Robert Corwin, reacting the way you would.
Robert Corwin, reacting the way you would.

Robert Corwin is a digital artist who lives part-time in California and part-time in Chicago. He enjoys keeping a stylish home and cultivating his man bun. To help cover his expenses, he had a tenant living in the spare bedroom of his Chicago condo. That all ended when he ran up against the worst case of roommate drama you'll read about today.

Corwin returned home from a trip to find some curious changes in his home. All of his liquor was gone, and there was a hookah in his living room. Was he the victim of an intruder who wanted to turn him into a different kind of hipster? No, it was much worse. He walked into his bedroom and found a strange couple living there.

Sources: CBS News