We all know that airline food is questionable. (Why else did all the comedians in the '90s tell jokes about it? WHAT'S THE DEAL?) One anonymous passenger on a recent Qantas flight is one of the select few who can still get away with making jokes about her in-flight meals. Dirty jokes. She posted a photo of the meal she was served to Facebook... and.... yikes. Get a load of this thing.

I know what you're thinking: "What IS that thing?" We here at Someecards have had many debates about it ourselves. Is it a penis? Is it a poop? Is it a poop shaped like a penis? Much to our surprise, it is none of those things. Apparently, it's a "root vegetable."


The passenger told

I asked the server what it was and he told me that it was a root vegetable. I asked him to pass me my phone so I could take a photo. I never take photos of food but this was too funny to pass up. He blushed and was very apologetic, I don’t think he had ever seen anything quite like it. The lady next to me was cracking up.


Can you blame them for cracking up? What else are you supposed to do when your dinner looks like a poop penis?

The airline told that the "root vegetable" in question was in fact, a Japanese eggplant.

The dish pictured is Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Chilli Black Vinegar and Soy Dressing. The dumplings are accompanied with steamed Japanese Eggplant, which is used commonly in Asian meals. Based on this picture, we may look at renaming it Dumpling Surprise.

We're glad Qantas has a sense of humor about this whole thing.

Honestly, I was more shocked to find out that those other non-penis shaped things were dumplings. I definitely thought they were just slices of turkey from the deli counter scrunched up with spices on top. But now that you say dumplings, yes, I can see it. My bad.


The customer isn't holding it against the airline, and plans to use them again for her upcoming flight to Los Angeles. Maybe next time she should just ask for pizza.