*Note: Odds of winning a cat are 1 in 250. You have a 1 in 14 chance of getting 4 white mice.

Ah, babies. They're adorable and precocious, they're our future, and the only thing that could make them better is if you could magically turn them into cats instead. In fact, the best scenario we could think of is a world where babies are turned into pets during infancy and allowed to live with the family like a normal pet. That way, they can learn how humans behave without you having to endure the messy process of watching them make mistakes and grow up. Then, after three years as a dog, you can wave a wand and they're a 21-year-old adult human ready to go off into the world and be a success. Or a failure, but at least not your problem anymore. Yes, that's our utopia right there.

Sources: Redditor liwaldo