If you are a human who drives a car, you've probably had a moment of panic when you can't remember what floor of the parking garage you left your car on. Can you imagine that moment of panic lasting six months? One man in the UK sure can.

According to Manchester Evening News, a man from Scotland borrowed his friend's car to drive down to Manchester, England for a concert back in June. He parked the car in a parking garage - and then couldn't remember where he left it. He spent around five days trying to locate the car, even going around to different parking garages in the area, but was unable to locate it.


The car's owner reported it as lost or stolen back in August. All seemed lost until last Friday, when officers in Manchester located the seemingly abandoned BMW in the parking garage. They checked the records, found that the car had been reported lost/stolen, and contacted the owner with the good news.

The Greater Manchester Police took to Twitter to announce that the car had been located, at long last.


And, of course, they made a little joke about how much six months in a parking garage would cost.

They predict that a six month stint in the parking garage would cost around £5,000 (roughly $6,150). Yikes.

At least we're glad that the owner of the car has been reunited with his vehicle. Let this story inspire us all to download a Find-My-Car App. (Do they make those?)