A 27-year-old man in China had been suffering form severe constipation for 10 years.

He took the best shit in the world.
He took the best shit in the world.

He had gone to doctors before, but they had no idea what was happening to his colon until his most recent visit. Basically, a huge dookie was lodged in there that made it expand so much that it was smushing his heart:

A series of X-rays revealed that the patient’s heart had shifted to the right because his colon had swelled to twice the normal size, CEN reported. Doctors diagnosed him with congenital megacolon, which can cause paralysis of the movements of the bowel and can sometimes lead to fecal tumors.

Surgeons later removed an 11-pound stool that had lodged itself in the patient’s colon and caused his severe pain.

Sources: Fox News