On Craigslist, what you see isn't always what you get. A "huge sunny bedroom" might actually be a literal shoebox with a hole in it. And a flat screen TV might actually be a wooden board in a trash bag.

Most of us have been burned by false advertising at some point, which is why the internet is losing their minds over one guy's refreshingly honest and hilarious ad for a 2002 Oldsmobile Olero.


Twitter user Snapchat: kel12121 (probably not his real name) tweeted a screencap of a Craigslist ad that had him "fucking dying" and trust me you will be too:

The ad has been retweeted 42K times. That's how much people are loving this honesty.

Here's a closer look at the car, which lives up to this description:


And here's the ad:

Thinking of buying this car? Let's answer some questions you might have:

Is it pretty? Special? "Nothing special or pretty about this car."

Is it rusty? "Rust on the side. I even zoomed in on the rust so you can see it. This bitch rusty."

How much? "This shit is $900. You're getting $900 worth of car."

What about the check engine light? Or this light? Or that light? "Its gone be some lights on in this muthafucka."


Will I find something wrong with it? "You damn right you gone find something wrong with it but as for now it cranks."

But for how long? "This car will last you at least ALL SPRING 2017."

Twitter is LOVING the honesty, bruh.


And this guy wishes all car ads could be this honest:

I just wish all people could be this honest, and I'll start by updating my OkCupid profile. About me: "this bitch rusty."