The only thing worse than getting raisins while trick-or-treating would be given this fake 1 million dollar bill that tells you that you're going to hell. Also, apples.

Anti-Halloween creationist groups are hawking these fake bills to children who show up for candy on Halloween night, and although the dinosaur on the front is pretty neat, the message on the back is really scary—and not in the good way.

Have you ever lied? Have you ever taken anything that didn't belong to you? Have you always obeyed your parents? If you have ever hated someone, the Bible says that's like committing murder in your heart. The Ten Commandments show us how bad we really are, and they are the standard God will use to judge our lives. One day, God will punish all people who have broken any of the Ten Commandments. They will be sent to a place called "hell," a really bad place that you don't want to go to.