Roman Fedortsov is a deep sea fisherman in Murmansk, Russia, dedicated to discovering creepy creatures that are even more terrifying than anything Tim Burton or a frat bro on an acid trip could dream of.

The Moscow Times discovered the discoveries, which are the stuff on nightmares, and a disturbed third grader's drawings.

1. See right through it.

2. Resting bitchface.


3. I could use some lipstick tips from this one.

4. Slick.

5. Not the type of bulge the people like.

6. Oh god the teeth. THE TEETH!


7. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid's evil twin.

8. Getting a bit of Steve Buscemi vibes from this one.

9. Bite me.

10. Reminder: these are real.


11. You're not tripping on acid. (I think. I don't know you.)

12. We found Nemo's teacher.