Here's a summer fun horror story — a young woman's neck got caught in a ride at Six Flags Great Escape, forcing her to jump 25 feet to safety.

The ride's operator stopped the gondola ride, as Cosmo reports, and the park was alerted of a safety issue.

Observer Loren Lent caught the whole ordeal on camera and shared it to Facebook, where it has already garnered over 750,000 views. "Girl falling from ride at 6 Flags Great Escape and they have NO means to rescue them," he wrote. "Thanks to the guys who banded together to catch her and the guy who climbed the tree to move the branches out of the way."


In the background of the video, you can hear a man in the crowd yelling "Her neck is stuck!". After a few moments, she drops to hanging with her arms on the seat, and jumps into the crowd.

Commentors on Facebook wrote in that it seems that the teen was attempting to touch the leaves on the trees with her feet when she began to slip out of the ride.

In the video, you can watch a crowd below catch the young woman and carry her away immediately. Cosmo reports that she was treated for injuries by the medical team at the park, then rushed by helicopter to Albany Medical Center. A 47-year-old man is also being treated for back injuries sustained in the catch.


Jessica Hansen, a Six Flags spokeswoman says there appeared to be no malfunction on the ride. Six Flags has nonetheless closed the attraction for further review.

Sources: Cosmpolitan