Hopefully none of the passengers on Finnair Flight 666 are superstitious. The plane departed from Copenhagen and went straight to HEL (that's Helsinki, Finland) on Friday, January 13th. SO SPOOKY.

To make things even more ~spooky~ , the plane took off around 1pm (the 13th hour) and is a 13-year-old aircraft, according to Flightradar24.


Does this sound like the elaborate plot of a Disney World ride that only has an elaborate plot so that there's something to entertain you while you're standing in line for hours on end to anyone else? Just me? Come on! This is totally the plane version of Tower of Terror, you guys.

Anyway, no one died or was inexplicably thrust into a void of darkness. Flight 666 made its safe arrival in HEL around 2:41pm on Friday the 13th of January. We're sure Satan was there to greet everyone at baggage claim.

Sources: Buzzfeed