Call me crazy, but I need clear visual evidence before I will believe that deceased souls walk among us. So I've always been pretty cynical about the existence of ghosts. That is, until I saw this video. There is a "ghost" in it. And you can see it. And it looks exactly like you'd expect a ghost to look. Are ghosts..... real???

The video was taken by Steve Wesson, 44, who was on a tour with UK Ghost Hunt, which according to their website is a "Paranormal Investigations Company" (like a real life Ghostbusters). They were visiting an abandoned air force base called Manby Hall in Lincolnshire, England, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a WWII Royal Air Force pilot.


At one point, Wesson's camera caught a shadowy figure—clearly human, or humanish—walking in the background in an empty corridor. But everyone who was there says there was no one else in the building with them.

Just watch this video and tell me you don't believe in ghosts now, too:

Wesson told the Daily Mail that he filmed all day but didn't notice the ghostly figure until later than night when he reviewed the footage.

"I didn't hear any footsteps in the corridor neither did the rest of the team or the security guard," he said. "As you can see in the footage, the figure seems to be carrying a torch or bright ball but if this was someone wondering around within the building we would have seen their light and knew they were there."


The building was once a key air force base during WWII, and then became a retirement home before it was shut down. Wesson said there are rumors of a "ghost" who roams the building while wearing a "long coat."

"All I can say is that there was four of us in total in this building and all four of us were accounted for," he told the Mail. "Whatever this was, a human or a ghost, none of us noticed the figure as we turned into a room and no one heard any noise from footsteps on the rubble that is left over these corridors."


Welp, unless this guy is pranking us, I guess this means ghosts are real. What do we do now, gang?

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