The driver is OK, but needs a ride home.

I don't like this new Twin Peaks opening sequence. (via The Telegraph)

Last week, a freak accident on the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway in Central China sent industrial saw mills flying into oncoming traffic and nearly cost one man his life.

I once rear-ended my Chevy Corsica into the trailer hitch of a pick-up,
so I feel you, Mr. Xiang.
(via The Telegraph)

A truck carrying massive, 5-foot diameter saw blades swerved, smashed over the median, and flung the blades into oncoming traffic in the other lane. One of the blades rolled out of the bushes in the median landed in the engine of Mr. Xiang's vehicle. Had he been going any faster or if the blade was tipped at a different angle, the blade would have sliced into him. Yyyyyyyikes!

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