Prom night is often said to be "a night to remember," but for one high school student, she will never forget it. But that is probably because she accidentally inhaled a boutonniere pin that she then had to get surgically removed. ABC 6 recounts the freaky story. 

Kathleen Garvey, a high schooler from Massachusetts, had the boutonniere pin in her mouth as she adjusted the flowers on her date's lapel when he made her laugh, causing her to inhale it. Neither she nor her date, who must be the funniest man alive to make you laugh so hard that you would swallow a sharp metal object, realized that Garvey inhaled the pin, assumed she must have dropped it, and they made their way to the dance.  It wasn't until the next day that she realized something didn't feel right and went to get an X-Ray. That is when doctors discovered the pin in her bronchial tube.