Apparently a bunch of passengers on board a Dec. 7th Southwest flight from Oakland, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, were really, really thirsty (it gets dry up there!), because they finished all of the booze on the plane. Like a bunch of champs.

The pilot, much like a parent whose kid finished all their peas and carrots, was proud. So he congratulated them, according to sports journalist Jimmy Durkin who was on board the flight and tweeted about it:


People on Twitter got confused and thought he was saying that the Oakland Raiders were on board the flight.

But Durkin followed up to explain the flight was full of thirsty Raiders fans, not the actual team.


Those bottles of alcohol on planes are really small, so there's no telling exactly how much booze was consumed during the three-hour-20-minute flight. But I'll give these passengers the benefit of the doubt and say it was a lot.

The Raiders lost to the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium on Dec. 8th, the game many of the passengers were flying to attend. But that's okay. Because the real winners are these hard drinking passengers. They're American heroes and we're all very proud.

Sources: WPXI