My hometown was scary because nothing ever happened in it and if I stayed there, I would have probably become housewife to a meth dealer. But these towns are scary because they're probably haunted. Go to these towns, not my town.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Angel, surrounded by bones, in some guy's yard

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That picture above is a picture I took of, like, some random person's house in New Orleans. It has to be the spookiest, coolest place in America, from its weirdly atmospheric antique shops:


Antique shop, New Orleans

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Gorgeous, strange, above-ground cemeteries:

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And creepy voodoo stores and museums:

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The city is supposedly haunted by voodoo queens, pirates, and evil doctors, making the dead occupants of the city just as interesting as the living ones.

Avoid the tourists, however, who are mostly middle-aged men trying to get you to show them your boobs.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Speaking of gorgeous old cemeteries, it's hard to get more beautiful than Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, which has the ghost of a creepy six-year-old running about and was made famous in the southern Gothic true crime book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil:


Of course, there's a ton of haunted houses straight out of a Southern Gothic novel:

Hello Matilda. I'll see you tomorrow night my angel.

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Oldest house in #Savannah #piratehouse #beforethestorm #hurricanematthew

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And even a haunted brewery:

Supposedly this place is haunted #moonriverbrewingcompany #didntseeanything #savannah

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There are plenty of ghost tours you can take through the town, but honestly, you might just get spooked out walking around. Something about the Spanish moss really makes it seem like there are ghosts flitting about.

3. Tombstone, Arizona

Yup, its real name is Tombstone, and at first glance it mostly looks like a tourist trap of an old, largely deserted Old West town:

My wildest (west) dreams came true... This place is for real - #tombstone #wildwest

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But the town has a famous—and deadly—past. It's the site of the notorious shootout at the O.K. Corral between outlaw cowboys and lawmen, from which Wyatt Earp emerged unharmed but three outlaws were killed. They supposedly still haunt the place where they were shot down:


The Earp Brother's are in my family tree. Does this mean I'm cool yet? #cousins4lyfe

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Other shootouts and lawlessness plagued the town in its Wild West days, and ghosts still hang out at their old haunts, including their final resting places like the Boot Hill Cemetery:

And, of course, ghost prostitutes haunt the old brothel that's the Bird Cage Theater:

Inside the Birdcage Theater. 👻 #tombstone #az #birdcagetheatre

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4. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The battle of Gettysburg had the largest number of casualties of any battle in the Civil War, so yeah, there are ghosts.

Most of the reported ghost sightings in this town are connected to this famous battle, including, of course, the battlefield itself:

The Daniel Lady Farm, which was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers:


And the haunted old Gettysburg hotel:

The haunted Gettysburg hotel we stayed at 😱

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Just make sure to avoid the creepiest people of all: Civil War re-enactors who choose to portray Confederate soldiers.

5. Salem, Massachusetts

More than any other place on this list, Salem is super into its own creepiness. I went there on Halloween one year and l have never seen such spooky mayhem. You know that Disney Chanel Original Movie Halloweentown about a place where it is Halloween every day? Salem is basically Halloweentown.


Cresent #moon over the old courthouses in #SalemMA on the way to the #Halloween #parade

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Somehow, because of its history of killing accused witches, modern-day Salem has become a mecca for actual real Wiccan witches, which is sort of like if the Overlook Hotel from The Shining became a daycare. Though it's kind of hard to blame them for living in a place this beautiful:

#tbt Authentic spooky cemetery in Salem

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There are lots of authentic haunted houses:

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The memorials for the witch trials:

Remembrance. #witchtrials #salemma

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And lots of magic shops to keep you from bringing any evil spirits home with you:


6. Sleepy Hollow, New York

Washington Irving didn't invent "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"—he wrote the story based on the folk tales of the area, which used to be called North Tarrytown. It is, as you'd imagine, as gorgeous as any other Westchester New York town:

The lighthouse. (📷: @maxlame) | Tag your photos with #abc7ny so we can show them off.

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Haunted places include the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where Washington Irving is buried:

Right this way Mr. Irving. #nowisthetime #littlelord

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And creepy old churches where the Headless Horseman can supposedly be spotted:

But pretty much the entire town just has an air of creepiness:

Can't wait for the creepiest month of all 👻

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