Getting butt-plugged is the new version of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Divine Leader of the Hermit Kingdom of Your Ass. (via The Political Sculptor/Shapeways)

Since the dawn of time, people have been sticking miniature figurines of other people up their buttholes. The ancient Vikings used to gather around campfires, where they would ritualistically plug their butts with figurines of their mighty emperors as a sign of devotion. Just kidding. That's never happened. But it sure seems like celebrity butt plugs have been on the rise recently. I thought I'd scour the Internet and find out which notable people have been made into ass-worthy sculptures. During my research I discovered two things: 1) The main celebrity butt plug producers are a politically-minded sculpture artist and a now-defunct company called "Celebrity Plugs." 2) Most of these look super uncomfortable and should not actually be stuck up your ass.

Sources: The Political Sculptor | Celebrity Butt Plugs