Local hero gets twisted revenge on the DMV for wasting his time.

Local hero gets twisted revenge on the DMV for wasting his time.

In these polarizing times, there is one thing that unites America: hatred of the DMV. It's a bureaucratic nightmare that seems hell-bent on wasting everyone's time with epic lines and notoriously surly, slow-moving staff.


A man Nick Stafford from Virginia had had enough, and declared all-out war on the hated institution.

According to the Herald Courier, Stafford's problems began when he had a simple question for his local DMV center about registering his son's car, but was forced to deal with the state's main call-center. Stafford said: NOPE. He sued the DMV for the direct phone numbers of all the local DMV's, and he won.

But he still thirsted for revenge.

Stafford ended up owing the DMV $2,987.14 in car taxes. So he paid his entire bill in pennies. Five wheelbarrows full of 298,714​ pennies, to be exact, which by law they are required to accept.

Here he is triumphantly wheeling in his "payment" like a soldier headed into battle:


For full-effect, Stafford had hired 11 people to help him break open every single roll of pennies from the bank and dump them into wheelbarrows. The nearly 300,000 pennies weighed 1,600 pounds and took the staff a full day to count by hand.


One could argue this is cruel and unnecessary punishment against underpaid government employees. But most commenters on Facebook have lauded him as a hero, which is just a testament to how many of us have been wronged by the DMV.


Despite the fact that he probably ruined their day, the DMV staff were "really nice" about counting the pennies by hand, said Stafford. I'm guessing because DMV staff also know that the DMV is the absolute worst.