I wish he hadn't put the answers. I could have figured out this Rebus puzzle
just from the pictures! Maybe. 
(via redditor The_peep)

Brent Shypulefski is running for Congress in North Carolina's 1st district (in the northeast part of the state), and he's got to work a little harder at the name recognition game than his competitors. Sure, he's got a lot going for him—he's a Republican who sympathizes with the unemployed and was forced himself to take unemployment benefits, and he ain't bad lookin' to boot—but then there's that darn name. Fortunately, he employs the same tactic in this sign spotted by redditor The_peep to educate voters that has entertained popsicle eaters with riddles for decades—a word puzzle where images stand in for the sounds of the syllables or words of the solution (aka a Rebus puzzle). Now if only he could spell out some of the Republican party's platform, like Re+(orange peel) O+(bomb)+a+(car)+e.

Sources: redditor The_peep