17 immature people who couldn't resist striking NSFW poses with statues.

17 immature people who couldn't resist striking NSFW poses with statues.

Striking a pose next a statue is fine as long as you don't go full out Pornhub on the historical effigy, right? If someone can solve the nail-biting mystery as to why ancient statues have tiny penises, then someone can definitely figure out why modern humans always pose inappropriately with statues, no matter the size of their schlong.

As these borderline NSFW photos show, immaturity is a basic urge that is common across all types of people. 

1. Kids don't know any better, right?

2. Still, think of the children. Think of them!

3. Hey, girl statue, get your own man.

4. All this statue wanted to do is clap. Not tap your booty.

5. Ronald McDonald sure is lovin' it.


6. Sometimes, you have to wonder why statue hands were sculpted like that in the first place.

7. It would be even worse if this kid was on the phone with his mom or something.

8. OMG. The second photo.

9. Does anyone know of a magic trick to turn statues into actual human beings? They would be so offended by these humans.


10. You don't need a scientific reason as to why this lady gravitated onto his stone lap. It's Einstein, baby.

11. She looks pissed. "She" meaning the statue.

12. This little girl is too innocent to be conjuring up a NSFW pose. This skeevy statue, on the other hand.

13. "Jesus Christ..." "Wait, that is Jesus Christ!"


14. The statue lady fondled her boob, so she stole her kid's teddy bear.

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15. No, the bronze boobs don't lactate beer.

16. Arms crossed and definitely not loving this kiss.

mr. Statue 🙈🙉🙊

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17. Don't you dare touch my golden girl.

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