Indiana Governor Mike Pence recently signed into law bill HEA 1337, a new anti-abortion law so extreme that even most Republicans don't like it. The Governor, who is a man with (presumably) a penis and not a uterus or vagina, has pissed off many women with this new law that puts strict rules on women's bodies. The Daily Kos provided a summery of HEA 1337, highlighting the areas that have most angered women:

Under HB 1337, which both chambers of the legislature passed this week, women would be prohibited from seeking an abortion if they discover their fetus has genetic abnormalities. Abortion providers would be responsible for burying or cremating “fetal remains.” And donating fetal tissue — an area of scientific research that’s come under fire thanks to a smear campaign against Planned Parenthood — would be classified as a felony crime.

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