'Tis the season for festive insanity. Exhibit A: a very ambitious Domino's branch in Japan has come up with the creative idea of using GPS-equipped reindeer to deliver pizza on sleighs. What could go wrong? A lot actually. A video released by the company's website shows their attempts to train the creatures in the fine art of pizza delivery. It's pretty much a disaster:

The reindeer are equipped with GPS units so customers can track their orders. But this doesn't account for the animals dropping the pizzas, or veering off road. And can you blame them? They're reindeer—a wild animal I thought was made up until an hour ago.


Domino’s said in a press release that working with reindeer poses “unique challenges.” But they remain optimistic, and said they are hoping to have the kinks worked out so they can have the system up-and-running by early December. The company said they’re expecting “severe cold” in northern Japan this winter, and they hope the reindeer could make sure pizzas get delivered even during heavy snowfall.

I guess if reindeer are real, anything is possible. But personally, I don't take risks with my pizza.

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