This video from Japan is driving everyone wild on Twitter. And even the most skeptical among us would have to agree it's pretty unbelievable. In the video, a man makes a cup float in thin air. That not impressive enough for you? He then does the same trick with a lit cigarette. IT FLOATS. You can see for yourself:

How is this possible? BuzzFeed Japan reached out to the guy who recorded the video, 22-year-old Felipe Isamu Nagano, but he didn't offer much by way of answers. Mr. Nagano said the video was shot at Aeon Mall Suzuka, and that the man in the video "did that magic at a smoking area next to the food court on the second floor."


Okay, but how did he make that cup float tho???

“He just started making the paper cup float around," said Nagano. "When we asked him to do it again, he did it without saying a word. He never said anything, but as it was time for us to eat, we thanked him and left the smoking area."

It seems like there is only one possible explanation: Magic is real, and it lives in the smoking section next to a Japanese mall food court, on the second floor.

Sources: Buzzfeed News