In 2016, if you want your proposal video to go viral, you better step it up. Puppies? Been there. Flash mobs? Done that. Police brutality video? Uhhh, that's different. Maybe this is what inspired Daiwon McPherson from Mobile, Alabama, to propose to his girlfriend of five years in the form of a staged police hold-up. It's nothing if not original!

In the dramatic video, McPherson, 33, is refilling at a gas station when a police cruiser pulls up and cops step out, guns drawn, and order him to the ground. They point their handguns at him as his girlfriend, Shawna​ Blackmon, steps in between him and the police, saying, "I'm his wife!"


The male police officer then orders Blackmon to get McPherson's gun, and while she's doing that, surprise! He proposes. Turns out, he planned the whole thing and those cops were in on it. At least this video had a happy ending, thank god.

You can watch the whole "unusual" proposal here:

She said "yes!" proving herself the chillest girlfriend in the history of time.


And the female cop quips: "I guess you're not his wife yet!"

Maybe the oddest part is when Blackmon, in tears, gets a hug from one of the cops—who just seconds earlier had a gun pointed at her now-fiancé. Police brutality is a serious problem that has devastated the black community, so maybe McPherson wanted to show that police aren't always bad guys. Or maybe he just wanted his proposal video to go viral. It worked! Congrats to the happy couple and their 15 minutes of internet fame.

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