Clearly some men felt left out by the vaginal rejuvenation craze and have sought out alternatives. Enter scrotox, a procedure where botox is injected into a man's scrotum in order to reduce sweating, decrease the appearance of lines, and make the scrotum look larger due to muscle relaxation.

This isn't a new idea. Saturday Night Live covered it back in 2010.

The once obscure procedure has massively swollen in demand recently. Mark Norfolk, director of UK plastic surgery center Transform, told The Sun Online:

Over the past year, requests for scrotum Botox have doubled at Transform showing the huge demand and interest for this procedure.

However, the procedure is not offered at Transform due to "the possible risks and complications associated with treating this part of the body."

Uh, yeah, duh.

Writing for Cosmetic Surgery Times, Dr Jason Emer​ discussed the increased popularity of the procedure:

Who wouldn’t want to be a little bit longer, thicker, or have more sensitivity and a better sex life? These men are also becoming interested in the cosmetic appearance of the actual penis and scrotum itself.

Because men have never taken an active interest in their penises before, have they? #shade

Guys, please, just keep the attention on the salami. Nobody cares about the low-hanging wrinkly fruit, OK?