I'm guessing the made-for-TV movie rights have already been sold for this story about a serial killer with a "kill list" attempting to kill a prostitute, and getting killed himself.

Holy shit.

I mean, wow. I don't even know what to say.

A man goes to an escort's home and opens with the line "live or die?" while holding a gun (which, when you're visiting someone you intend to pay for sex, is not the proper etiquette). The escort defends herself with a rake, manages to get his gun, and shoots him.

All told, that's a good enough story for me. A man tries to take advantage of a woman who's clearly already hit the low side of the road, and she fights back and kills him. Solid. Except THEN we find out he's a serial killer. Not just a serial killer, but a parody of a serial killer. He had the kind of equipment only someone who is burying a body in a mob movie would have, and he also had a "kill list."

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