15 popular conspiracy theories that people actually believe are real.

15 popular conspiracy theories that people actually believe are real.

According to some conspiracy theorists, Paul McCartney is dead, Elvis is alive, and George W. Bush "did 9/11." And although some people actually believe these theories to be true, many others simply do not. However, these 15 Redditors confessed the conspiracy theories they actually believe in, no tin foil hats required.

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During Hurricane Katrina, the Murphy Oil refinery in St. Bernard parish, just outside of New Orleans, had a container rupture and leak oil on a lot of the surrounding neighborhood, including my grandparents and aunt/uncle's houses. After the clean up the land was deemed uninhabitable and the oil company was able to purchase all the land for very, very cheap. Many people that were affected and in the area believe that the oil company did it on purpose, and I tend to believe them.


Cosmopolitan and other similar magazines intentionally give out bad advice so their readers won't get in a relationship which makes them keep buying them for advice.



The Zuma satellite is alive and well, probably hovering up information on everything by now. It's so blatantly obvious - no one has even confirmed any failure of the satellite. I don't even think this qualifies as a conspiracy theory because no one has really denied that it's working.


Here is a little context on the Zuma satellite:

The Zuma satellite was (or is??) a United States Government classified satellite that was launched on January 8th, 2018 by Elon Musk's company, SpaceX. The specific purpose of the Zuma satellite was never made public. Unnamed sources have stated that the satellite was lost during deployment and likely fell into the Indian Ocean, but others believe that it is somewhere floating above the Earth's atmosphere and is still trackable.

No one knows the purpose of the Zuma satellite, but a secret, government issued spacecraft is certainly fodder for conspiracies.



That BuzzFeed employees post questions on askreddit and then make articles like "top 10 conspiracy theories most people buy into"



Mattress firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme. They are fucking everywhere and always empty. I remember seeing 4 mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once, there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses

edit: a few people seem confused, I'm talking about multiple of the SAME mattress store all in close proximity to each other, not different mattress companies. Like if there were 4 different companies all next to each other I get that but these are the same company.


Crazy_potatos actually may be on to something here. In 2016, the Freakonomics podcast actually explored this exact premise.


The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe because Kennedy had been disclosing classified information to her.



Planned obsolescence everywhere in industry. If everyone stopped replacing their cars and smartphones, imagine the shitstorm

Planned obsolescence is when a company or industry specifically designs a product not to last, or to become obsolete over time. Apple used planned obsolescence by designing their older model phone batteries to crap out after a certain amount of time, and it did not go over too well with customers.



Madeleine McCann was totally killed. Whether on purpose or by accident I don’t know but the parents have tried to hide it. I remember reading sometime about how they claimed a man took her and the only witnesses who were in the street at the time said they saw a man walking away with a rolled up carpet, and the description fitted the father. Personally I think there was an accident in the hotel room and they tried to cover it up. Not expecting it to blow up as huge as it has.

Madeleine McCann was three-years-old when she went missing while on vacation with her family in Portugal. Many suspect that Madeleine had died and her parents tried to cover it up, but McCann's whereabouts remain unknown.



The grain conspiracy. The US put grain on bottom of the food pyramid (most needed) to get consumers to buy more grain from farmers. This is 100% real



Lip balm makes your lips dependent on lip balm. Just seems the more you use it the more you need to use it. Not sure if that's an actual conspiracy but that's the best I can come up with on a shitty Monday morning.


I had a Vietnamese roommate in college. One time someone mentioned apples and my roommate said he could rip them in half. We all called bullshit and so he did it to shut us up. It was pretty cool. But then he claimed that "All Vietnamese people can do it." That didn't sound right.

So now whenever I meet a new Vietnamese person, I ask (in as polite and not creepy and not racist a way as I can) if they can rip an apple in half, and I'll be damned if every person I've ever asked goes "Yeah, sure!" Also, most of them follow up with "...all Vietnamese people can rip apples in half."

Then I always ask if that's just how people in Vietnam eat apples, and they always say "No, we just eat them the normal way, but all Vietnamese people can rip them in half if they want to."

I truly don't know if I'm being trolled or not. If I ask the question and have an apple, I'll always give it to the person who claims they can do this, and they always can, so there's some truth to it... but I cannot figure out why, in my experience, almost all Vietnamese people claim that all Vietnamese people can rip apples in half. That's a weird thing to claim. How are they so sure about what every other Vietnamese person can do? Are they implying that Laotians and Thai people can't do this? Is it a special trick they teach only in Vietnam? I would never claim that "All Americans can juggle" or that "All white people can juggle"... See, I don't even know if they're suggesting it's a racial trait, or a cultural skill.

Or is it that Vietnamese people are just really proud of their culture, so they like to fib about the skills everyone else has? And then when tested with an apple, all Vietnamese people are just so confident that they're awesome enough to do it that they just brute-force the apple in half?

Or was there a meeting once, and all Vietnamese people realized that they could help each other by making wild fruit claims about the skills of the Vietnamese so that they could trick dumb white boys like me into giving them free fruit to test their powers?

I would welcome any data anyone else can offer on this. My sample size is admittedly small, about 8 Vietnamese people, so this could just be a statistical fluke. But when 6 people, who have almost certainly never met each other before, independently claim that all Vietnamese people have fruit powers, it makes you wonder whether it might just be true.



Christian Bale has a thinner twin brother he keeps hidden away who fills in for roles requiring a skinny Christian Bale. They each share one life.

Christopher Nolan figured this out and told the world in the documentary The Prestige.


Disney's frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories.

This is a conspiracy theory about the popular conspiracy theory that Walt Disney is frozen in a cryonic chamber full of liquid nitrogen, and wishes to be re-animated if advances in medical technology ever allow it (let's hope they won't).



Paul Pierce shit his pants in the NBA finals and faked an injury to change his pants.

Okay, this might not be a very popular conspiracy theory, but the footage speaks for itself here:


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