If you've used the internet in 2016, you've probably perused Yelp's reviews and had a little giggle at all the negative nellies out there. These trolls take to Yelp to "review" businesses, often for wildly irrational reasons. One Milwaukee bar owner, Ari Domnitz, has had it with these nonsensical negative reviews. That's why he decided to fight back against one particular troll known online as Anthony C.

Anthony C. left a one-star review for Domnitz's Karma Bar & Grill, saying he's "never been a fan" and "doesn't like it." Fine, could he be more specific? Sure, the food is "basic," whatever that means; the "service sucks," which night bro?; and the drinks are "overpriced." Reading the entire post makes it apparent that this is less a review and more a substitute for the therapist Anthony should be seeing.