Two women who own rival car washes in a city in China had had it up to here with each other and things got messy. According to witnesses, the two women were fighting over customers when they started attacking and spraying each other with water hoses, Newsflare reports.

Just as you would expect a battle between car wash bosses to go down, everyone, and everything, got soaked.

Also, it was 40 degrees that day. So these women are truly warriors.


Thanks to an onlooker filming it, we can watch the whole soggy spectacle here:

The worst part is how many dudes are probably enjoying this a little too much. These are two powerful businesswomen at work, you sickos! We can't have equality until women are willing to be fierce business-owners, go after their goals, and spray their competition with a water hose.

I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Sheryl Sandberg meant by "lean in."

Sources: News Flare