Welcome to your worst nightmare. Passengers on board a domestic Aeromexico flight on Sunday suddenly found themselves starring in a real life version of the 2006 classic Snakes on a Plane, when a 3-foot-long green snake was seen slithering out from behind an overhead luggage compartment.

EVERYBODY STRAP IN, because this story is about to get turbulent.

Passenger Indalecio Medina caught the snake's first appearance on video, so we can all experience this hellscape together:


His tweet translates to: "The flying viper... hahaha... a unique experience on the Torreón-Mexico flight. That yes... is making a priority landing."

Everyone on this plane had either nerves of steal or a very strong prescription for Xanex, because they miraculously did not panic. “I was reading a magazine and the passenger next to me saw it and, ‘Oh my word!’” said Medina, according to The Guardian. “It was a frightening situation ... but people remained calm because it didn’t get out of that space and nobody became hysterical."


He said the snake eventually dropped to the floor, where several people trapped it in some blankets. The plane made an emergency landing in Mexico City 10 minutes later, and Aeromexico released a statement that they are "investigating" how the snake got on to the plane.

It's official: I'm never flying again unless Samuel L. Jackson is on board for snake protection.

Sources: The Guardian