Afghan OS doesn't run programs from outside empires. Except for the Mongols. 
(via reddit)

Redditor jakbutt, who is stationed in Afhanistan, saw this right outside the main PX (basically the base general store) at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan, one of the largest coalition bases in the country. We don't know who McFLY is, but he pretty much nailed the current state of the now 13-year-old conflict. Our combat troops are scheduled to leave by the end of this year, and we have not been able to sign an agreement with the always-intransigent Hamid Karzai to keep a security force there past that (we may get a deal out of whomever the next guy is), so this is getting more and more accurate every day. Hopefully there's a new elected government of Afghanistan soon that will be able to manage international relations and exert domestic control at the same time. Maybe. Probably not.

Sources: redditor jakbutt